For Students

A Servant Leader devotes their time to serving the needs of the people they lead. It is through this service that others are encouraged to grow, develop self-confidence and achieve their personal best.

Prefects are selected from those students who nominate to serve. They are elected as a result of votes given by the student body and the staff.

At Peter Carnley Anglican Community School our Prefects demonstrate the ideals of Servant Leadership. Through their roles as Captains they individually and collectively serve the student body and the wider community. They mentor and assist younger students and encourage them to strive to achieve their best.

Student Council

Our Student Council is a representative body of students elected from the Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 by their peers. The role of the Council is to represent the interests of the student body, and to be their ‘voice’ within the School community. Councillors meet fortnightly to discuss any ideas, concerns or visions for the School brought to them by their peers. The Student Council assist with events in the School such as Assemblies, Founders Day and charity initiatives. They are also encouraged to represent PCACS at local community events.

As part of their Leadership development, the members of the Student Council take part in programmes designed to grow their leadership skills and potential. They also develop skills in the areas of Public Speaking, Conflict Resolution and Time Management.

School Menu

We are proud of the quality of food produced and sold in our Canteen. Much of the food is cooked on the premises and adheres to the healthy Traffic Light system.

We invite you to look at our Canteen Menu Term 2 2020  Orders can be dropped in the box beside the canteen for the Senior School while Junior School orders can be left in the classroom.

Online Ordering

Please click on the link above to order from our School Canteen Menu online.