Financial Information

In 2019, the School undertook a comprehensive review of our Tuition Fees, levies and charges. With a strong record of sound financial management, the School was in a position to offer a more affordable fee structure from 2020. This new fee structure, together with the School’s generous sibling discounts has made PCACS more affordable for all families.

To simplify the Fees and Charges structure, we consolidated several levies into a single Resource Levy. This levy incorporates the cost of excursions, incursions and Year specific activities such as Junior School swimming lessons. The P&F Fundraising Levy and Building Levy apply to families not for each enrolment. Camps, Senior School ICT Levy and VET fees may apply according to the Year group or subject selections.

The School offers discounts for eligible Health Care Card or Pension Card holders. To determine eligibility please review the criteria for the Tuition Discount Scheme. If you are eligible please visit the Finance Office at the Wellard Campus to apply, or email the finance office for a form.


Schedule of Fees and Charges 2023

Direct Debit Service Agreement 2023

PCACS Direct Debit Calendar 2023

Payment Option Advice Form 2023

Tuition Discount Scheme 2023

2023 Secondary Assistance Scheme Years 7 – 12

2023 Abstudy Supplement Allowance Years 7 – 12

Fees may be Direct Debited between 24 February and 24 November from credit or debit card  or a nominated savings or cheque account on the following:

Weekly – every Friday
Fortnightly – from Friday 24 February
Monthly -  last Friday of each month
Termly – 24 February, 26 May, 28 July and 27 October

If you are currently on a Direct Debit this will continue in 2023 – if you would like to make any changes to your direct debit please indicate this on the payment option advice form and return to the Finance Office by Friday 10 February. If you would like to commence a new Direct Debit please complete the form and return to the Finance Office by Friday 10 February.

For more information relating to the terms and conditions of the direct debit, please refer to the Direct Debit Service Agreement above.

Please note: your Payment Option Advice Form needs to be completed and returned to the Finance Office each year. 

Non - Direct Debit Fee Payment

Except where the Direct Debit or the Discounted Annual Fee option is chosen, fees are due and payable 14 days from the date the account is issued.   The School will not accept payment arrangements except in circumstances of temporary hardship, and this will need to be applied for in writing to the Business Manager.  As a number of payment options are provided, parents applying for special fee payments need to show good cause.  

Fees may be paid by: Direct Transfer (EFT) Internet Transfer

Peter Carnley ACS
BSB:     706 001
ACC:     30004384
Ref:      FAMILY CODE   eg (1234-Jones)

Please email the Finance Office for fee queries and for current parents making term fee payments.


Parents should check their insurance policies to ensure adequate medical, ambulance, personal property and liability insurance for their child/children.  The School does not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, personal effects and property, or for bodily injury or property damage incurred by students.

Whilst students are covered by a Student Personal Accident Policy, this provides limited cover for specific events.  For example, the policy provides up to $500.00 for the loss or damage to a tooth, and up to $1,500.00 for the fracture of a jaw or hip.  Please contact the Business Manager if you would like more information. 

PCACS Annual Giving Appeal

The School has established a voluntary Appeal with the aim of assisting to safeguard the financial future of the School whilst at the same time contributing to the School's ongoing development. Click HERE for more information.