• Principal: Ms Felicity House 
  • Business Manager:  Mr Andrew McKenzie-Fraser 
  • Head of Junior School:  Mrs Maggie Dunnill 
  • Head of Senior School:  Ms Judith Stringer 
  • Head of IT and Operations:  Mr Shane Parnell


  • Chaplain:  The Reverend Melanie Simms 


  • Director of Pastoral Care (Senior School):  Mr Adam Halliday
  • Director of Curriculum (Senior School):  Mr Ross Dods
  • Director of Early Learning:  Mrs Donna Farmer
  • Director of Upper Junior:  Ms Kierin Janes

Year Coordinators

  • Year 7 – Mrs Natascha Clark
  • Year 8 – Mr Naushad Singh
  • Year 9 / 10 – Mrs Cara Barrett
  • Year 11 / 12 – Mrs Jude Russell

Learning Area Coordinators

  • Mathematics (Senior School):  Mrs Divya Khetarpal
  • Science (Senior School):  Mr Rob Carman
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (Senior School):  Mrs Angela Kavanagh
  • English (Senior School):  Mrs Kate Rupke
  • Music (Whole School):  Mr Charles Pinkham
  • Health and Physical Education (Whole School):  Mr Roh Weddikkara


  • Service Learning (Whole School):  Mrs Rebecca Weddikkara
  • Early Learning:  Mrs Nicky Jones
  • Upper Junior:  Mrs Alysha McDonald
  • Co Curricular (Junior School):  Miss Samantha Maddy
  • Duke of Edinburgh (Senior School):  Mrs Melanie Hunt


  • Assistant Business Manager:  Mrs Karen Redman 
  • Finance Officer:  Mrs Teresa Hepburn 


  • Counsellor:  Ms Melissa Moxham 
  • Compliance and Human Resources:  Mrs Adele Donaldson 
  • Office Manager:  Ms Ardie McCoy 
  • Marketing and Community Engagement:  Mr Cam Allen 
  • Student Services Officer:  Mrs Celia Prinsloo 
  • Personal Assistant to the Principal:  Mrs Erin Posik 
  • Receptionist (Wellard):  Mrs Lyndsey Jordan 
  • Administration Officer (Calista):  Mrs Vicki Barkla
  • Administration Officer (Wellard):  Ms Marion Caunt 
  • Administration Officer (Wellard):  Mrs Suzanne Blignaut 
  • Administration Officer (Wellard):  Mrs Wendy Simms
  • Junior School Administration Officer (Calista):  Mrs Susan Duckham
  • Office Assistant (Wellard):  Mrs Diann Buchan
  • Uniform Shop Coordinator:  Mrs Trudy Schulz
  • Canteen Manager:  Sabrina Guppy
  • Facilities Manager:  Noel Reid