Year 7 Camp 2023

The biggest cohort that PCACS has ever had meant that the Year 7 Camp week needed to be split into two groups. This week included overnight stays at Kerem Adventure Camp, as well as activity days where students engaged in project-based learning, a guest presentation by Armed for Life, and completion of the XLR8 Obstacle Course.

Throughout a sweltering hot week, students showed tremendous dedication, perseverance, and respect. Students fully embraced all activities that were offered, and it was wonderful to see them challenge themselves, take on new experiences, and work together as a team. From treasure hunts to ropes courses, there was a willingness to push themselves out of their comfort zone and achieve their goals.

It was incredibly impressive to see their positive attitudes, eagerness to learn, and kindness towards others. There was a clear and genuine interest in building relationships and fostering a sense of community, which was heart-warming to see. Thank you to all Year 7 students for their outstanding performance, as it made camp a truly memorable experience.