Year 5 Camp 2021

At Peter Carnley Anglican Community School (PCACS), a key part of the Year 5 journey is the Year 5 Adventure Camp at Forest Edge Recreational Camp. For many students this age, a couple of nights away from home is a new experience within itself.  This can create a variety of different emotions for students, including over-excitement, nervousness and possibly homesickness.

Year 5 is often a year when children grow in maturity, sometimes more so than in their final year of Junior School. They gain greater independence and confidence from being given more responsibility for their own learning in and out of the classroom. It is also about encouraging independence in preparation for bigger things to come, namely commencing Secondary School.

The Camp is designed around skills and activities which encourage communication and trust, support, teamwork and self-esteem. The programme is designed so that every student meets an unfamiliar or new challenge over the three-day period.

From kayaking, raft building and skiing on the Waroona Dam to Abseiling and exploring the natural bush on an incentive hike, the Camp offers a variety of physical and mental challenges that push students outside their comfort zones.

 Mr James Morris (Director of Upper Junior - Events and Leadership) explains,

 ”PCACS recognises the importance of the Year 5 Camp for both students and their families in developing the foundations of basic leadership skills and independence. The experience not only accelerates this development but encourages students to apply new skills in unfamiliar surroundings.”