Voyager Programme Activities Day 2020

Today, 55 students participated in the Voyager Programme Activities Day, a day where students were immersed in collaboration, creativity and mental agility activities and exercises. Voyager is a selective programme for students displaying an aptitude for Music, Mathematics, English, Science or a combination of the four. Voyager is designed to extend, challenge and inspire the brightest young minds. 

Students from both PCACS and other local Primary Schools who applied for the programme were invited to the Activities Day for consideration in gaining a place in the Specialist Programme/s offered in Year 7 2021.  

Specialist teachers across the learning areas challenged the students throughout the day, and teamwork and problem solving were the focus in the different groups.  Thank you to Director of Curriculum Mr Ross Dods for organising this unique opportunity for the students, supported by Head of Senior School Mr Steve Wynhorst, Principal Ms Felicity House and the Specialist teachers who designed the engaging and clever activities for all students involved.