The Science behind 'Play' at PCACS

At Peter Carnley Anglican Community School (PCACS) 'Play' provides opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine. When children play with other children they create social groups, test out ideas, challenge each other’s thinking and build new understandings. 

In Kindergarten, our educators use routine and play experiences in order to create learning environments that encourage exploration and problem-solving with the content being taught intentional.  Our Early Child educators actively support the inclusion of all children in play, help children to recognise when play is unfair and offer constructive ways to build a caring, fair and inclusive learning community.

At PCACS the naturescape play areas and natural environment offers open ended interactions, spontaneity, risk-taking, discovery and a genuine connection with nature.  More importantly, it improves and enhances the child’s dexterity, balance, flexibility and gross motor skills.

Did you know?

  • It has been proven that playing in nature improves mood and reduces depression and mental fatigue
  • When children step outside, they get plenty of opportunities to interact with other playmates. In nature, they naturally connect with others, help each other, share their learning and solve problems together
  • Spending time in nature and outdoors improves children’s ability to focus and concentrate 
  • The benefits of playing in nature are almost infinite. Spending time in nature keeps children’s minds fresh. It exposes them to varying situations where they are forced to learn and adapt to best fit themselves into the prevailing conditions
  • Green plants and vistas reduce stress among highly stressed children. Locations with a greater number of plants, greener views and access to natural play areas show more significant results (Wells & Evans, 2003)
  • Nature can act as a great healing tool for children who suffer from low self-esteem. Children who are exposed to the natural world experience a greater degree of self-control, peace and discipline.

We welcome families to come and visit our Kindergarten classes at the Calista Early Learning Centre (ELC).  We hold Welcome Morning Tours every month but also offer personalised tours for families interested in exploring PCACS for their children.  

If you would like to arrange a time to visit, please contact us;

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