The Rite Journey 'Calling' and 'Departure' 2022

On Monday 14 March the Year  9 students celebrated the 'Calling' and 'Departure' components of their The Rite Journey Programme.

The Rite Journey is an innovative year-long programme that celebrates the Rite of Passage or the transformative process from Childhood to adulthood.

Throughout the year, Year 9 students spend a weekly session with a same-gender staff mentor, working through an intricate programme to guide, educate and celebrate this important rite of passage.

Traditionally, these two elements take place down at the Shoalwater foreshore, with parents in attendance, but due to COVID restrictions, it was decided to shift the focus for the afternoon and remain on the school grounds.

The 'Calling' is a ceremony in which the students are 'called' on their journey to young adulthood. The journey involves acknowledgement of the end of childhood and a show of gratitude to those people who influenced the students through their childhood.

The 'Departure' ceremony is celebrated at the same time as 'The Calling'. The essence of this ceremony is to receive the parents' blessing and support to work with their child during The Rite Journey year. Students received a letter from their parents to help them reflect on their childhood and commence their journey to young adulthood.

Thank you to Director of Pastoral Care, Mrs Rebecca Weddikkara for organising the programme event, Head of Year 9 Miss Lynne Rouda, The Rite Journey mentors, members of the Executive/Directors and the Year 12 Prefects for their assistance in the celebrations. A special thank you to Mrs Aneta Ward for her photography throughout the afternoon.