The Power of the Voice of Youth

On Thursday 27 June, the Senior School students participated in a chapel service which focussed on 'The Power of the Voice of Youth.'

Throughout the service, students reflected on stories going back thousands of years, lessons in history teaching us that human nature remains despite the advancement of technologies, political turmoil and environmental disasters.  A key message being that no matter what we have experienced or continue to experience in this world we are part of, we cannot lose sign of our calling to promote the 'gospel' values, and our ability to use the 'power' of our young voices to redefine the world we want for our future, to shout for a future that speaks truth, justice and hope.

Using the symbols of the Paschal Candle, Plants & Wheat and the humble Cross with purple and white cloths, students participated in an intimate ceremony, where generosity, determination, courage and resilience was at the core of the message.

Ms Stringer reflected on World Youth Day, a global tradition where millions of young people from all nations of the world make the pilgrimage to a designated location, where they come together and their collective voices are heard and this 'calling' and union of young voices make a profound difference in a world increasingly tempted to be divisive and confusing.

"With Christ, the Bread of Life, will give us strength for the journey, let us bring fire to light up the darkness of this world."

Thank you to Ms Stringer, Ms House, Mr Dods, student leaders and presenters who created such a meaningful and timely chapel service.