PCACS Learner Strengths - A Whole Person Approach

A whole-person approach to education seeks to create an environment where students can thrive and grow as individuals. This means that educators need to be aware of the different strengths, learning styles and needs of their students and create opportunities for them to develop and express their talents.

At PCACS, we embrace FIVE Learner Strengths in the Junior School Classroom: Strength of Love, Strength of Self, Strength of Growth, Strength of Mind, and Strength of Collaboration. By nurturing these strengths and creating a supportive learning environment, our teachers can help students to develop into well-rounded individuals who are capable of achieving success in all aspects of their lives.

This week we celebrated Learner Strengths Day at both the Calista and Wellard Campuses. Dressed in the 5 symbolic colours, students were engaged in STEM-focused activities that encouraged them to put the Learner Strengths into practice and to celebrate these attributes that are embedded in our students' learning.