Moonhack Project

In Week 5 of Term 2, some of our PCACS students participated in Moonhack. This project was open to all students in Year 4 to 6.

Moonhack is a free international event bringing together kids from across the world for a week of coding!

Students used the online program, 'Scratch', to code a planet (and space) saving solution to space junk!

Students followed steps to create their very own game, where space junk was either brought to Earth’s atmosphere to burn up, or was incinerated in space!

Students problem solved and supported each other throughout the entire project.

A big congratulations to all those who participated in the project!

Please find a list below of student names and URLs, where you can access each project. Some students may still be adapting and editing their projects. 

Mrs Samantha Lucic

Adelle H (Year 4):

Evie L (Year 4):

Amy C (Year 4):

Kieran D (Year 4):

Jaydn D (Year 4):

Andre N (Year 4):

Matt S (Year 4):

Vivaan N (Year 4):

Logan S (Year 5):                

Lachlan S (Year 5):

Alex F (year 5):

Sam B (Year 6):