Madison Good - "ACC Letters" Award Winner

Congratulations to Year 10 PCACS student Madison Good who today received her second ACC Letters Award, this time for Athletics.

First introduced in 2013, the awarding of "ACC Letters" is the highest individual accolade awarded by the ACC. To receive "Letters", a student must be selected in an All Star team in the same sport for a minimum of four years. The number of years does not have to be consecutive, but the years are not cumulative across sports.

  • Letters can only be achieved by All Star selection in the same sport for at least 4 years.
  • Letters can be achieved in multiple sports as long as the student meets the qualification criteria of four year selections in each sport.
  • Letters are only awarded for the three major carnival sports; Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming. 

Earlier in the year, Madison was presented the same honour in her outstanding achievement in Cross Country.  It is very rare for a student to receive an ACC Letters Award, let alone two!

A little bit about Madison's success:

  • Madison has made the ALL STAFF ACC Team in Athletics from Years 7-10
  • Over the past few years she has competed in the Australian Junior Track and Field Championship
  • Madi has won and placed in Little Athletics WA State Events and WA Athletics State Events over the years
  • She started running in U10 Little Athletics 
  • She trains 5 days a week with Team Purser running group and competes for Cockburn Athletics Club For Athletics WA Events at The WA athletics stadium and local cross country events
  • Madison also does Rhee Taekwondo one day a week in Kwinana
  • This year Madison was one of 43 students to be awarded the Pierre de Coubertin Award.  The Award was named after the founder of the Modern Olympic Games and recognises students for their outstanding sportsmanship and overall dedication to pursuing excellence - exemplifying the Olympic values.  Students and their families attended the State Presentation Ceremony held in Perth, with students being invited to an Olympic Academy Day held prior, which provided them with a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about leadership, goal setting and resilience from some of WA’s Olympic heroes
  • Madison is an exemplary student who manages to juggle her rigorous athletics commitments with her studies.  She is a friendly and well-adjusted student who is a fantastic role model to her peers as well as younger students.

 Future sporting/career aspirations – To place at nationals (near future) and represent Australia at a National level, Commonwealth and Olympics level. 

Madison also has aspirations to be a Doctor.  Studying medicine is one of her long-term goals.