Junior School Assembly Week 6 - Term 3

On Wednesday 26 August, the Junior School celebrated another fortnight of outstanding achievements with a number of students being recognised for Learner Strengths in the classroom.

It was a special assembly as the Year 7 students (the inaugural group accepted into the Voyager Music Programme) performed for students and parents in attendance.

Junior School Prefects Zayde Kingston and Charlotte Pridmore recently attending the National Youth Leadership Day with Mr Morris and shared their rewarding experiences at the assembly.  This is great timing as the current Year 5 students with leadership potential are currently being interviewed for 2021 leadership positions within the Junior School.  This is an exciting time for Junior School at PCACS!

Head of Junior School, Mrs Shirley Steel spoke to the students about constantly challenging ourselves by pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones. This is something our teachers do on a daily basis for their students, extending their learning in the classroom, and this subsequently creates new opportunities, personal bests and rewarding experiences.