Junior School Assembly - Week 2 Term 3

In 2020, the Junior School launched the 5 PCACS Learner Strengths to foster life-long learning attributes. The Learner Strengths are firmly embedded in the teaching practice from Pre Kindergarten through to Year 6 and every fortnight, students receive accolades in front of their peers based on their achievements in Strength of Heart, Mind, Self, Growth and Collaboration.

These Learner Strengths take pride of place in every classroom, mounted and accessible for all students to read and reflect upon.

On Wednesday 29 July, The Junior School celebrated a variety of achievers, many students receiving Learner Strength Certificates for their wonderful work in class at the end of Term 2 and for a positive start to Term 3. Year 3T hosted the Junior School assembly, reminding students that the Learner Strengths are at the core of all of the learning that takes place at PCACS.