Grandparents' Day at PCACS

Grandparents' Day is a chance for children and the community to thank grandparents for their love and support.

This special day is an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts and devotion of grandparents in their many roles of caring and supporting their children and grandchildren.

On Wednesday 6 June, hundreds of parents and grandparents gathered to enjoy a delicious morning tea, acknowledging some of the students Bronze Certificate recipients at assembly and learning about our fundraising initiatives for our Balinese Bintang Timur School, Nusa Dua, Bali. Both campuses had simultaneous celebrations.

Our grandparents truly are 'grand' and often we underestimate their sharing of wisdom, perspectives and key values they constantly instil within our families.

After the morning tea, our classrooms became a sea of excited grandparents, participating in drawing activities with their grandchildren, proudly admiring their school work and spending a short but 'valuable' time with the students and their teachers and classmates.

A huge thank you to parents of the P&F and staff who supported and made this such a huge success!