Fitter, Faster, Better

FITTER. FASTER. BETTER. is a boot camp performance like no other, where your personal trainer isn't a gym junkie with an Instagram obsession, but rather, an 8 to 10 year-old. It challenges the contemporary commodification of fitness offering an opportunity to reflect on childhood and movement. Reclaiming play as audience participants work out, in and around an open space within the school.

FITTER. FASTER. BETTER. has two distinct participatory components. The first component is four half day workshops delivered as a school incursion. The workshops are instructed by Black Swan theatre artists and was attended by our PCACS Year 4 B class. Over the four days, the artists’ worked with the students on craft activities, drama and dance choreography and discussed how students can use their school spaces in a new way. The second component, on the fifth day were two 45-minute boot camps in an open space in the school, close to playground equipment. 

Originally devised by Black Swan’s Artistic Director Clare Watson for St Martins Youth Arts Centre, FITTER. FASTER. BETTER. is a unique experiential, intergenerational performance event where our ideas about the body in motion are refocused through the eyes of a child.

Enjoy our students' experience in the video below.