Class of 2020 - Valedictory Tree Planting

Planting a tree on the School grounds by the Graduating Year 12 cohort has become a tradition at Peter Carnley Anglican Community School.  On Wednesday 14 October, the Class of 2020 planted a Fushsia Gum Tree on the South Western side of the Keith Lindbeck Centre; a living symbol of the completion of the students' education at PCACS. 

Accompanied by Principal Ms Felicity House, Director of Pastoral Care Mr Adam Halliday, Year 12 Coordinator Mrs Jude Russell, Head of Senior School Mr Steve Wynhorst, Head of IT and Operations Mr Shane Parnell, School Chaplain Rev Kim and our Grounds and Maintenance team, each student shoveled soil onto the tree's roots and Mr Halliday reminded students that "as this tree grows and thrives over the coming years, you are encouraged to return to this location and remember the wonderful memories and experiences had at PCACS."