Anglicare WA School Sleep Out 2020

On Friday night 22 students and four staff braved the cold to sleep out at the School as part of the Anglicare WA School Sleep Out. The students participated in an online simulation activity to experience the struggles and challenges faced by homeless youth when trying to rebuild their lives and access financial, accommodation and essential services. Students slept on pieces of cardboard on the cold, hard floor of the Undercover Area. They were woken throughout the night with sounds of city traffic, men screaming, protests, dogs barking and sirens. Whilst this created a lot of angry, frustrated and tired students, it really opened their eyes to what homeless people may experience night after night.

The sleep out participants, along with money donated at Operation Op Shop, raised $8152. The entire event raised over $100,000 for Anglicare WA’s Street Connect Bus. An absolutely phenomenal result by all schools who participated.