2021 Senior School Interhouse Athletics Carnival

On Friday 13 August the Senior School students participated in the annual Interhouse Athletics Carnival. 

On what was a perfectly sunny day, students embraced the weather and enjoyed the rotation of events, battling away for House points as well as enjoying each others' company. All students should be commended for their participation throughout the Carnival and their incredible House spirit shown. 2021 saw the introduction of the House Chants, and it is fair to say, Murray House was the most vocal! Once again the Year 12 students didn't disappoint, adorning some wacky and creative costumes for their final Interhouse Carnival as a PCACS student.

Lindbeck House was the Champion House at the end of the competition and Champions and Runners Up were acknowledged during the final presentations.

2021 Champions:

Year 7 Female Champion: Tilly Haselhurst
Year 7 Female Runner Up: Hayley Roach
Year 7 Male Champion: Mason Smith
Year 7 Male Runner Up: Joshua Hobbins

Year 8 Female Champion: Tayla Power
Year 8 Female Runner Up: Taya Cassidy
Year 8 Male Champion: Blake Brown
Year 8 Male Runner Up: Lachlan Pratt

Year 9 Female Champion: Amtoj Randhawa
Year 9 Female Runner Up: Anna Sawicki
Year 9 Male Champion: Anotida Chiyangwa
Year 9 Male Runner Up: Jeremy Clowry

Year 10 Female Champion: Hayley Gould
Year 10 Female Runner Up: Megan Bell
Year 10 Male Champion: Felix Abbott
Year 10 Male Runner Up: Bryson Sweetman

Year 11/12 Female Champion: India Thompson
Year 11/12 Female Runner Up: Michaela Dews
Year 11/12 Male Champion: Aiden Carroll
Year 11/12 Male Runner Up: Zachariah Morrissey