THE HUB - PCACS Building Development

The Hub Building

The Hub is a transformative build, right in the heart of the Wellard Campus where the original canteen, undercover area, staff room and library are currently located. A dramatic new building will be created with a blend of new construction together with refurbishment and repurposing of the existing spaces. The two current buildings will in effect be joined together with a large upstairs extension and the creation of new spaces downstairs. The Hub will host an auditorium for performing arts, a dance/drama studio, a collaborative classroom, a new tech support office and refurbished bathrooms linked to the foyer.

The focal point at the front of the building will be the new canteen designed as a café with an outdoor seating area. Upstairs will feature a centre for research and innovation with places to study, collaborate and read. The Hub is designed for Junior School and Senior School students to enjoy. The auditorium will be a place for performances, guest speakers, parent evenings, music recitals, in fact, all sorts of gatherings. The long-awaited new canteen will be café style self-service canteen with enhanced offerings and a creative new menu.

In conjunction with the Chapel, these buildings will transform how we gather, learn, collaborate and perform.

The Hub building commenced in Term 3 2021. The building has been designed by architect Steven Mueller (SMA) and will be built by McCorkell Constructions WA.

Prior to commencement, fencing for the project will be placed to enclose the current undercover area and library buildings and will continue along the back of Science, Technology and Trade Training, through to the Abingdon Crescent gate. Student and staff access to the area will be restricted. A comprehensive management plan is being enacted including the relocation of lockers from the area, changed access to the canteen, and management of pedestrian and vehicle access from Abingdon Crescent. The buses will continue to use the bus bays and access for students will be through a pedestrian-only gate on Abingdon Crescent. 

The Hub is due for completion in the latter part of 2022.